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Join Kleeneze and start to earn an extra income in just a few days. Starting their own Kleeneze business has helped thousands of distributors pay for weddings, retirement funds, cars, holidays and more.

Lots of independent Kleeneze distributors join to earn an extra income. They soon learn the opportunity can quickly grow to provide substantial earnings.

What do our distributors think? Listen to a few independent distributors talk about the reasons they chose to earn an extra income with Kleeneze:

  • Clare and Richard were looking for a top up income. Now they make a full-time income for part-time hours
  • Rosemary and Steve wanted to improve their pension fund
  • Karim wanted to earn an extra income on top of his full time job

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Our distributor debt stories

Clare and Richard

We were looking for a top up income – now we earn over £50k a year

Rosemary and Steve

We wanted something that would provide us with a great pension


I wanted to earn an extra income on top of my full time job

Earn an extra income with Kleeneze - just like the independent distributors in our videos

Are you looking to top up your existing earnings?

Perhaps you’re looking to earn an extra £50 a week to put towards a new car?

You could be saving for a wedding.

Maybe you want to boost your retirement funds.

Are you close to affording that overseas family holiday? Or treating the kids to something special for their birthday?

All of these things could be achieved by working from home as an independent Kleeneze distributor to earn an extra income.

Lots of independent Kleeneze distributors start out to earn an extra £50 per week. Now their business has grown, they're earning much more – all through hard work and dedication. It's become a lifestyle choice.

On top of the extra earnings, Kleeneze offers some really exciting incentives. These include holidays and cash bonuses. Recent trips were to Miami, New York and Dubai.

You can even qualify for a new car, that will be yours to keep for life!

All Kleeneze distributors benefit from a national network of support and training from other distributors and head office.

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